She Ascends

Don’t you wish there was a photographer who intuitively knew how to bring out your most authentic and highest self? A photographer who had over a decade of experience shaping light, creating stunning images, editing and retouching exquisitely and elevating women to a place of realized beauty and bold confidence?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if that photographer worked so quickly and deeply to the core of who you are at your session that she revealed your radiant soul in each image? How would it feel if the person you hired to take your pictures wasn't simply another person with a decent camera, but was instead a SOULographer? And you came away from your SOULsession feeling lighter, even more divine and aligned...

What if this SOULographer had the ability to guide your ascension within your life and business? What if…wherever you were in the world, she would happily come to you and celebrate your existence with a luxurious, glamorous imagery-creating experience like no other?


Welcome, Queen! I’m so thrilled that you are curious and looking around. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have!

My SOULsessions are shot in the style of: Brand/Lifestyle, Boudoir or both!

Every SOULcollection I offer includes: Your pre=session consultation(s), My travel expenses, incidentals and accommodations and Your hair & makeup services with refreshments and more!

Depending on the SOULcollection you select, your experience will include SO many magical facets:
+ Prints in a stunning glass box,
+ Meditations to open and close our session,
+ Crystal flash drive of digital images,
+ Fully edited and retouched digital images,
+ Chocolate covered strawberries,
+ Private online gallery of images,
+ Lil Black book of 12 photos,
+ XL Photo Album of photos,
+ 11x14 Lavish Metal Wallart,
+ “Getting to know you” Dinner/Drinks or Brunch!

The Standard SOULcollections range from $2500 to $5000

The Ascension SOULcollection is $18,000 and is currently on a special intro price for $16,000. This experience takes place in your choice of: Paris, London, New York City, The Maldives, Maui or Turks & Caicos.

The Ascension includes: 3 day/3 night ultra-luxurious 5 star accommodations, curated lingerie pieces & gown for you to keep, Boudoir Session + Gown Session, unlimited time and images, all meals/drinks, hair & makeup and more.

Depending on your select SOULcollection, up to 12 payments may be made in advance and there are special bonuses & perks when paying in full!

Let’s make SOULart together, use the contact form below!

WORK WITH ME // 2019

January: Kona-Kailua, Hawaii
March: Hot Springs, Arkansas
May: Hot Springs, Arkansas
June: Dallas, Texas
June: Austin, Texas
July: Palm Beach, Florida / SOLD OUT
September: Miami , Florida / SOLD OUT
September: Sedona, Arizona “The Hidden Ruby Ascending Experience” An all-inclusive spiritual retreat + SOULography
October: Charlotte, North Carolina
November: Palm Beach, Florida
December: Miami, Florida / SOLD OUT

Let’s Talk!


“So this woman is someone who started out as a “people of the internet” friend.In the “short” time that we have known one another we have shared some of our most incredible moments and life epiphanies. She has led me to literally see myself differently and helped me to portray how I have always seen myself internally to the external world. In the exact way that I hoped I could been seen and ultimately felt. She has allowed me to lead her up to the tallest mountain peaks in the world so that she could touch spirit. We have shared catalytic moments that have forever changed both of our lives. We have shared our stories, shared our tears, shared our dreams, and our most personal visions. We have committed to each other’s greatness and become real life sister friends.” — Danielle B. July 2019

“Working with Mary was a very empowering and inspirational point in my life! It’s hard to capture the full magnitude of her spirit and passion in words. It’s also something that every woman should experience in person! I was initially drawn to Mary’s powerful feminine energy and her body positive mindset. She encourages others to take time for themselves, to make self care a priority and to embrace the joy of the feminine spirit. I knew that was something I needed in my life! I worked with Mary first on bringing more of the feminine flow into my life. But, her true gift is capturing the heart and soul of women through her photography. I experienced this firsthand through a travel boudoir shoot I attended with another friend. Before the shoot, I was a ball of nerves. I didn’t know what to expect, what to wear or how my photos would turn out. I had very limiting thoughts of how my body would look and feel in front of the camera. As a plus size woman, I’ve always had bad experiences with photographers and didn’t know how I would feel. Mary assured me, and gave me tons of tips, recommendations and an overview of what to expect during our session. She was right. After the first few nervous moments wore off, I felt 100% calm and comfortable during our shoot. She took a variety of shots, recommended tons of flattering angles and posing options and most importantly she made me feel like a radiant Goddess! Our session included Boudoir and Lifestyle/Brand photos in different settings. After seeing just a few of the raw images, I was blown away by the sheer beauty and essence she captured in my photos. Her heart and soul shines through in her photography! The images I received back are some of my favorite photos of myself. It’s a benchmark of celebrating who I am without judgement or boundaries. I recommend this experience to any woman who wants to feel alive and empowered! I’m utterly thankful and grateful to Mary, not just for her phenomenal gift and skills, but because she helped  me see the best version of myself through her photography.”
— Bridget H. February 2019

“I can say so many incredible things about what Mary has done to help me. When I stumbled across her one on one coaching opportunity, I knew it was exactly what I needed. I was in a low vibe and transitional moment in my life. I had been reading a lot of self-help and spiritual books recently, but I really needed something more personalized. I was a little nervous when we started the one on one sessions through Voxer, but she made me feel at home from the first message. It was so easy to open up to her! One of the first things she asked me had changed my life! She asked if I had ever thought about writing a blog or making videos about my specific journey through life. I took the idea and ran with it. Since then, I truly know what I want to do with my life and career and have come so far since our first day. Aside from that, she has opened me up to what I am worthy of, what I am capable of and what I truly deserve. She has taught me valuable life lessons through all of my sad and joyous times. Through Mary, I have emerged from a wisher to a doer. I can't put into words the peace and beauty she has brought into my life just from our one one one coachings. We've gone over everything from work, finances, and personal things. There is nothing I can't talk to her about. She is like your own personal goddess who's always there for you! I've healed past wounds and created new and beautiful beginnings. I owe it all to her and highly recommend her services to everyone.” — Emily T. May 2019


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