Yes! WELCOME. I’m so glad you’re here to find out more.

I know you have a lot to do, so here’s the abbreviated version:
My name is Mary. I was always an intuitive and spiritual kid and I was the friend
who the other kids went to to open up and get advice. The great listener.
The natural confidant. And I loved it!

Simultaneously, I was falling in love with photography. In 2000 I became an avid
hobbyist and in 2005 I started my wedding/portrait/boudoir photography business.
Immediately I knew that I loved telling women’s stories. I loved helping them realize
their beauty, their power and their fabulousness just as they are.

In 2013 I began a beautiful journey inward! I truly began discovering myself and
more fully understanding what I’m meant to do with my life. My heart, mind
and soul became immersed in the study of mindfulness, manifesting
and personal development.

Next, something WILD and humbling started happening. More and more often
boudoir and portrait sessions would end with my client’s pouring their
hearts out to me. Sharing. Expanding. And wanting advice. The tools
I’d used in my own life applied to them.

To my joyful amazement I was helping them. Through photos
(which allowed them to see and celebrate themselves just as
they were) and during those really special talks.

I realized I was meant to be both a photographer and guide
- and by combining the two, women could use the experience as a catalyst to ascend.


Happily married
Mother of furbabies
Native Arkansan

Wearing black
Music (making & listening)
Spontaneous adventures
Honestly, so many tv shows & movies
Laughing loud
Being Loved
Hot tea & a good book



ph. 1-323-544-5408